“The Deuce”, a skilful drama on the evolution of the sex trade

CANDY, a prostitute, invites a sex-show director to lunch. Misreading her intentions, he offers her a job participating in live sex scenes, where punters pay $40 to ogle naked bodies in flagrante delicto. Candy has a different proposition: she wants to be behind the camera. The director is reluctant—he has had to stop filming the …

Pierre Bergé was one half of an extraordinary fashion duo

PIERRE BERGÉ, Yves Saint Laurent’s one-time lover and lifelong business partner, was Diaghilev to YSL’s brilliant Stravinsky. A hard, demanding man, small of stature and in possession of a filthy temper, he was, to some, quite terrifying. Yet he was also a bold and successful businessman, a noted collector, a generous patron and philanthropist and …

Gov Christie: No One Cares About What Bannon Says

Gov. Chris Christie, R-N.J., pushed back Monday at Stephen Bannon’s criticism of him for alleged disloyalty to President Donald Trump during the campaign, saying “no one is really going to care” what Bannon says since leaving the White House. Powered by WPeMatico

JFK’s Granddaughter Tatiana Schlossberg Gets Married

President John F. Kennedy’s granddaughter and Caroline Kennedy’s daughter Tatiana Schlossberg has gotten married at the family’s Martha’s Vineyard home.The New York Times reports the 27-year-old Schlossberg married 28-year-old George Moran on Saturday with former… Powered by WPeMatico